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This gallery is a tribute to my grandfather. From my earliest recollections, my family would make a special visit each July for a combined birthday party - my mother's birthday happened to be on the same day as her father's (my grandpa's.) Since the daylilies were always at peak display at that time, we would tour the gardens for an hour or so, marveling at the thousands of blooms. He knew every name, "This one's Barbara Mitchell...that one's Jedi Dot Pierce..." Sometimes, the names would elude him, but he could always rely on his plant markers and meticulous record keeping. "This one's a diploid, that one's a tetraploid..."He kept detailed journals, which were donated to the American Daylily Society after his passing. In them, he penned notes about the various hybridizations that he had achieved through cross-pollenization.

My grandfather gave to me and my cousin as many daylilies as we could take when he sold their house - a home he built by hand with his brothers in the 1920's. We still have his flowers to this date.

Several years after my grandfather's passing, my wife and I met Dave & Linda Stevens who own and operate Stevens Daylily Farms in Kane County, Illinois. We've acquired a hefty sampling of their hundreds of cultivars. Our yard now stands in tribute to these beautiful plants, whose individual blooms last but a single day. At over 140 different cultivars, June and July has now become a daily fascination with the different varieties and spectacular blooms that shoot up.

These photos are primarily for identification purposes, but the beauty and variation of these beautiful flowers speaks for themselves.
Portrait by Paul John Schultz, Jr.My Grandpa in His Beloved Daylily Garden, 1993My Grandpa in His Beloved Daylily Garden, 1993My Grandpa in His Beloved Daylily Garden, 1993Paul John Schultz, Sr. - 1986Stevens Daylily FarmAt the Stevens Daylily GardenDave and LindaThe weeds don't just pull themselves...African ChantAlmost IndecentAlways AfternoonAmerica's Most WantedAmethyst ArtApple BlossomAtlanta DebutanteAtlanta Orchid MistBackdraftBaileys and CreamKatydid on Baja

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