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Created 16-Nov-13
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Believed to be the birthplace of Amerigo Vespucii, an early Italian Explorer and the individual from whom America got its name, Montefioralle is a fortified hill town near Greve in Chianti.
Dusk, Montefioralle, ItalyStairwell, Montefioralle, ItalyMontefioralle Passage, ItalyIris and Fence, Montefioralle, ItalyMontefioralle Doorway, ItalyMangia, Montefioralle, ItalyArchway, Montefioralle, ItalySteps, Montefioralle, ItalyTuscan Graveyard and Hills, Lilliano, ItalyFlowers and Stone Wall, Lilliano, ItalyCross and Stone Wall, Montefioralle, ItalyDusk, Montefioralle, ItalyDoor, Montefioralle, ItalyDoor, Montefioralle, ItalyDoorway, Church of St. Stefano, Montefioralle, Italy

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