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Created 12-Jan-14
445 photos

Sunrise, Badlands National Park, SDLawn Ice Patterns, St. Charles, ILBadlands Sunset 2, Badlands National Park, SDArrival at White Pocket, Vermilion Cliffs National Wilderness Area, AZ (October 31, 2014, 11:42 am)Cracked Mud, Badlands National Park, SDCanyon Wall and Clouds, Big Bend National Park, TXClouds at Sunrise, Banff, Alberta, CanadaIslands in the Sky, Monument Valley, UT/AZOverlook, Badlands National Park, SDCanyon Wall and Clouds III, Big Bend National Park, TXColocasia, Nicholas Conservatory, Rockford, ILLeaves, Spring, Morton Arboretum, Lisle, ILNicholas Conservatory & Gardens, Rockford, ILZabriske Badlands, Death Valley National Park, CAMammatus Clouds, Hanksville, UTClouds at Dusk, Capitol Reef National Park, UTEl Capitan, Monument Valley, UT/AZFrozen Stream, Starved Rock S.P., ILHoarfrosted Forest, Elburn, ILHoarfrost on Trees, St. Charles, IL

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