Marianne Saieg(non-registered)
Oh my! AWE begins to describe the section: Dan’s Favorites! What a treat on this hot day to reflect with your photos. So inspiring to say the least. Thank you for posting your talented gifts for the world to see …. I look from my small window on the world.
Lynne DiVenere(non-registered)
Hi Dan, your Aunt Cathy shared your site with me and boy am I glad she did! I’m in wonderland viewing your collection, a sense of peace just washes over me with each photo. Thank you for sharing your passion with others. You must have the patience of a saint, the warmest long underwear, the highest SPF sunscreen and the trustiest alarm clock. I look forward to your next masterpiece!
Larry Rivkin(non-registered)
It was sure great to see you, Cheryl and everyone at Christmas party.
I'm blessed to have y'all in my life
I hadn't visited your website in bad and have obviously missed a lot so trying to catch up.
Dan, your work is indeed magnificent & beyond!
Happy and healthy 2020
Marianne Saieg(non-registered)
Magnificent! I was starting to mark those photos that spoke out loud to me and then I realized there were just too many to keep up with...especially, the paths, RR tracks leading to who know where? So, So beautiful and each one tells a special story. Thank you for adding again to "what's right with the world"(Dewitt)
Marianne Saieg(non-registered)
Awesome, however your photographic skill is way beyond awesome. You have captured, over and over the magnificent beauty in this good earth, and in people!
It seems as if I just made the "retreat" of my life by reflecting with your shared gifts in nature.
Julie Powers(non-registered)
Umm...These photos are amazing but not as great as your chocolate chip cookies! Ha ha...but really, amazing work sir!
Maggie Viggiano(non-registered)
Wow I have not been here but I can't wait to go. It looks gorgeous...reminds me of Bryce Canyon. Do you take photography students????
I don't even have a decent camera but I think you would be a good teacher!
Jeff Whitford(non-registered)
Great stuff!! I see so many locals I still need to get to.
Jan Knauss Collier(non-registered)
Hi Dan, I've been totally out of touch with you FOREVER and for that I'm sorry. Marcie sent me your website and it has really been a thrill to see you and your work. Spectacular!! And congrats on those beautiful twins!

Cheers, Jan
Jody and Debbie Relan(non-registered)
Dan, your body of work is really extraordinary. The new images are, of course, stunning. But more than that, the compositions and lighting that you have mastered really set you apart from other masters of the art.
Stay well. Much love from us . . . Good health and happiness to you and Sheryl.
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