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Created 10-Jan-22
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These panoramic images were created in a number of ways. In the days of film shooting, a Fuji GX617 was used to create a 6cm x 17cm image on film.

Now, shooting 35mm digital, I expose a series of overlapping images, typically taken in vertical format and anywhere from four to twelve images, and combine them in Photoshop to create a single panoramic image. Utilizing this approach, it is possible to create very large file sizes that can withstand enormous degrees of enlargement for prints. This approach also allows me as a photographer to utilize optimum camera settings that avoid image falloff at the edges that can happen when shooting with panoramic cameras.
Bandon Beach, OregonWaves Along Bandon Beach, OregonCoastline, WashingtonOlympic Shoreline, WashingtonOlympic Birch, WashingtonMount Rainier, WashingtonPistol River, OregonHurricane Ridge, WashingtonGenesee, IdahoAbandoned Farm, IdahoAbandoned Farm, IdahoPalouse Rolling Hills, WashingtonCloudstreaks, WashingtonRed Barn on the Palouse, WashingtonTree Row Across the Palouse, WashingtonCanola Fields, WashingtonGlenwood, WashingtonBarn and Wheat Fields, WashingtonColfax, WashingtonSteptoe Butte, Washington

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