For most of my life, photography has been my outlet, my source of peace, my connection to nature and my way to re-center. Because of photography, I have discovered endless new places and made tremendous friends along the way.  I deeply appreciate everyone who had a hand in getting me started and all those who continue to provide encouragement.

~ To my parents, for putting my first camera in my hand and warning me not to spend all of my money on film, processing, lenses, filters, etc.


~ To my good friend, Jody Relan, who got me hooked. You're an amazing photographer who taught me how to see.  More importantly, you taught me the joy of getting up at 4:00 a.m. to trek out to a sunrise location. And the joy of making black and white darkroom prints. And the need to edit a growing portfolio down to only the best and favorite images.


~ To my family who supports me in everything I do (photographically and otherwise).


~ To my very dear friend Evie, whose name you will see attached to comments on many of the images throughout this site. You've spent more time looking at my photos than anyone I know. Your encouragement lifts and strengthens me. You make the world is a better place for all who know you.


~ To all the fellow photographers I've met on my travels. I turn to your work for inspiration and for new ways of seeing the world.


~ Especially, to my wife, Sheryl - I couldn't ask for a better partner.  You've supported every step I've taken and you've been my rock. Nobody else in the world is as patient and understanding as you.  You always encourage me to stay an extra 10 minutes to get the shot we've worked for, even if it means battling the bitter cold or the fatigue at the end of a long day.  Without your support, I could never continue my passion...  Let's spend the rest of our lives exploring!