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The Owens Valley is cradled between the Sierra Nevada mountains to the west and the White mountains and Inyo mountains to the east. Naturalist John Muir referred to the Sierras as "The Range of Light" with constantly changing lighting providing endless variation in the landscape. Quaint towns dot the valley, providing oases between natural scenic treasures, including the ancient bristlecone pines, the oldest living things on earth.
Barren Tree, Alabama Hills, Owens Valley, CASunrise, Alabama Hills, Owens Valley, CASunrise and Approaching Storm, Alabama Hills, Owens Valley, CASunrise, Alabama Hills, Owens Valley, CARock in Waterfall, Whitney Trail, Owens Valley, CASunrise, Lone Pine, CAMt. Whitney from Lone Pine, Owens Valley, CAMt. Whitney from Lone Pine II, Owens Valley, CASierra Nevada Mountains, Owens Valley, CAThunderhead Over Mono Lake, CAFading Daylight, Mono Lake, CAWaterfall, Mt. Whitney Trail, Owens Valley, CABirch in Autumn, Bishop, CATufa Forms, Mono Lake, CAMount Whitney from Lone Pine, Owens Valley, CALone Pine Peak from Lone Pine, Owens Valley, CACalifornia Buckeye, Sierra Nevada Foothills, CAOwens Valley Sunrise, Lone Pine, CAClouds at Sunrise, Sierra Nevada Mountains, Owens Valley, CATufa Forms at Mono Lake, CA

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